Midline Insertion

Mid Line versus PICC Line, we will help you make this decision. Mid Lines are popular because they are available for use immediately after insertion and saves the cost of the x-ray.

Mid Lines are an acceptable alternative when long term antibiotics are of a shorter duration. Placement of the mid-line uses the same type of aseptic techniques, nursing competency and PICC line materials used for a standard PICC line.

Midline catheters are used when patients do not have accessible peripheral veins or have a minimal number of adequate vessels available for administration of therapy for shorter duration (less than six months). If they are used for longer periods for IV antibiotics, for example, it is better to use a midline rather than repeatedly “sticking” patients.


3 Reasons to Use Us for Mid Lines

PICC line manufacturer, PICC companies can purchase lines from $60 to $150, the more expensive ones are advanced to the point that clotting of lines is greatly reduced, this reduces cost and better for the patient, Peak Mobile Vascular Access uses lines that are American made and more expensive.

Catheter Tip placement, final placement of the tip as reported on the radiologist report is due to the expertise of the picc line nurse using ultrasound guidance, an inexperienced nurse may easily cause mal positions, leading to intervention, delay of treatment, and additional x-rays to confirm final placement. Epicc Vascular nurses have all placed a minimum of 1000 piccs.

Peak Mobile Vascular Access offers affordable PICC line care and management classes to their clients. We always choose Patient Care over profits. A well-trained staff will reduce the number of complications (costs), reduce clotting (costs) and minimize the possibility of catheter related infections. (cost and patient care)

Mid Line versus Picc Line, we will help you make this decision. Mid Lines are popular because they are available for use immediately after insertion and saves the cost of the x-ray.

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Our Vascular Access Team is second to none with their expertise in vascular access insertion and management. Highly skilled and board-certified registered nurses comprise this specialized group, dedicated to offering top quality patient care. Making sure our patients can count on the Peak Mobile Vascular Access team, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide expert consultation and assistance when needed. Our nurses are the best at what they do, armed with the knowledge and training needed to ensure exceptional services for those who need it.

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    Not all Picc Line company’s are equal, while it may be profitable for these company’s to purchase the lowest priced Picc Lines on the market. A substandard Picc Line increases the likelihood of clotting, DVT’s, and possible infections. When a Picc Line malfunctions, you have no choice but to call and absorb additional costs to declot or replace the line. This is not good for the facility or for the patient.


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