Mobile Vascular Access Services

Our Patients & Clients are Our Priority, We Offer Quality Mobile Vascular Access Services

Our Vascular Access Team is second to none with their expertise in vascular access insertion and management. Highly skilled and board-certified registered nurses comprise this specialized group, dedicated to offering top quality patient care. Making sure our patients can count on the Peak Mobile Vascular Access team, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide expert consultation and assistance when needed. Our nurses are the best at what they do, armed with the knowledge and training needed to ensure exceptional services for those who need it.

PICC Line Insertion

A PICC line is a catheter that is designed to provide the patient and staff with a reliable intravenous access. This is a great option if the patient needs moderate to long term therapy (5 days up to a year).

Midline Insertion

Midline catheters are peripheral venous access devices that vary in length between 8 – 20 cm. Midlines are placed in the upper arm vein such as the basilic, brachial, or cephalic using an ultrasound for guidance.

IV Placements

Ultrasound guidance is best practice for patients who are vasculary challenged. This improves patient satisfaction by reducing the amount of needle sticks. Let our staff perform your difficult IV starts.

Picc Line Declot / Removal

PICC lines are removed following a physician order, when therapy is completed or complications arise. The first PICC dressing change is 7 days after initial insertion.


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    Nurse Education Classes

    Our goal is to help you by best serving the patient.

    IV Therapy & Vascular Access Device Care and Maintenance

    4 Hour hands-on course: This course gives the skilled care provider a comprehensive overview of Peripheral IV insertion and care and maintenance of all Vascular Access Devices.

    IV Insertion & Therapy Device Management

    2 Hour hands-on course: This course gives the skilled care provider a comprehensive overview of residential infusion therapy. It will improve clinical competency and reduce negative patient outcomes.

    Nursing Student Education

    Nursing students, LPN’s, and nurses re-entering the workforce, wanting to brush up on skills, receive discounted rates. Call us to setup a class for your nursing cohort. The Ultimate selection of Affordable nursing Continuing Education Classes.
    Complete Pathway Bundle Essentials of Infection Prevention

    Essentials of Infection Prevention

    This Infection Prevention Pathway includes a comprehensive series of courses designed to guide the clinician to a better understanding of guidelines and best practices they should incorporate into everyday patient care practices.


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