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Picc Line Declot / Removal

Picc Line Declot / Removal

Epicc Vascular has achieved over 90% success rate in catheter declotting, which is the best rate in the industry. The recommended method for declotting a PICC Line is based on the type of catheter occlusion; There are two types, complete occlusion and partial occlusion.

A catheter that has no blood return and allows infusion is a partially occluded catheter. A catheter that has no blood return and does not allow infusion is a complete occlusion. A partial occlusion can be resolved with a direct instillation of Activase.

This method can be repeated twice. When the occlusion is not resolved after a second attempt, the catheter must be replaced or removed. Declot of a midline is not recommended. All catheter declots should only be attempted by nurses who have completed a certification course due to the risk of bactermia.

3 Reasons to Use Us for Picc Line Declot / Removal

(1) PRODUCTS: picc line manufacturer, picc companies can purchase lines from $60 to $150, the more expensive ones are advanced to the point that clotting of lines is greately reduced, this reduces cost and better for the patient, Epicc Vascular uses lines that are American made and more expensive.

(2) NURSES: Catheter Tip placement, final placement of the tip as reported on the radiologist report is due to the expertise of the picc line nurse using ultrasound guidance, an inexperienced nurse may easily cause mal positions, leading to intervention, delay of treatment, and additional x-rays to confirm final placement. Epicc Vascular nurses have all placed a minimum of 1000 piccs.

(3) EDUCATION: Epicc Vascular offers affordable picc line care and management classes to their clients. We always choose Patient Care over profits. A well trained staff will reduce the number of complications (costs), reduce clotting (costs) and minimize the possibility of catheter related infections. (cost and patient care)


We Guarantee What We Say!!

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    We Guarantee to only use top of the line Picc/Mid Line materials for your patients.

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    We Guarantee to Educate your staff on the proper care of our Picc/Mid Lines.

  • 3

    Most Important, we guarantee to reduce your Vascular Access Expenses by at least 20%.

We Promise to provide the Highest quality Vascular Access Service, Utilizing the latest in Vascular Access Technology and dedicate ourselves to Educating our Clients, so we may Positively Impact our Client’s budget and Enhance the care of the Patients we Serve.

Not all Picc Line company’s are equal, while it may be profitable for these company’s to purchase the lowest priced Picc Lines on the market. A substandard Picc Line increases the likelihood of clotting, DVT’s, and possible infections. When a Picc Line malfunctions, you have no choice but to call and absorb additional costs to declot or replace the line. This is not good for the facility or for the patient.