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Unlock high-quality, affordable IV education for your nursing team—24/7.

Is your Skilled Nursing Facility striving for excellence in IV care?

The Peak Vascular IV Mastery Program offers an exceptional training platform designed to meet the unique challenges and educational needs specific to your setting. And the best part? We offer this top-notch IV education at a competitive price, ensuring that budgetary constraints never impede your team’s learning and professional growth.

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Comprehensive IV Education, Just a Click Away

Our digital courses are crafted to provide a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. They feature in-depth video tutorials that allow for hands-on, interactive learning. Alongside these, we offer interactive workbooks designed to reinforce your understanding and facilitate deeper engagement with the material. To round out the experience, our state-of-the-art instructional posters serve as visual aids that enhance your grasp of key concepts, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

Courses cover a wide array of topics, including but not limited to:

Exclusive Benefits of IV Mastery Program

Unlock the full potential of your healthcare team with the IV Mastery Program. Designed to elevate the standard of IV care in Skilled Nursing Facilities, our program offers an array of exclusive benefits that set us apart. A yearly subscription of just $2,000 offers:

Meet and exceed state-specific certification requirements and master critical IV skills.

Beyond mere theoretical learning, we offer a rich, multi-media education experience.

Get your team up and running with expert guidance.

Train your entire nursing staff without any additional per-user fees.

Get practical training for a minimum of 5 nurses per class.

Train your staff day or night.

IV Mastery Program

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The array of topics covered is impressive, and the user interface is intuitive. From infusion therapy management to peripheral catheter care, every course is meticulously designed. Plus, the customer support is excellent.”

— Emily T.,

Charge Nurse, Sunset Nursing Home

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Massive Savings for Your Facility

By choosing IV Mastery, you’re not just enhancing the skill set of your nursing team—you’re making a wise financial decision. Facilities that utilize our program save thousands in education costs each year.

Don’t compromise on quality IV education for your skilled nursing facility. Gain unlimited, round-the-clock access to our comprehensive, continually-updated course offerings.


If you still have questions or would like to discuss how the IV Mastery Program can specifically benefit your Skilled Nursing Facility, don’t hesitate to book a phone call with us. Our team is ready to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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